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Environmental Policy

The Company aspires to a cleaner marine environment. It is Company’s policy to promote environmental awareness and to protect the environment in all its operations. Company is committed to reducing waste oil or other pollutant production, controlling emissions and wastes to below harmful levels, eliminating spills and environmental incidents, identifying and mitigating key environmental risks from all unplanned waste oil stream releases.

The Company’s long-term goals are to achieve ZERO incidents and ZERO spills at sea through continuous improvement.
In order to achieve this goal, we:
Create and maintain an environmental management system which is continually improved, provide training to all persons involved in our operations, and conduct operations in a manner that safeguards the environment and prevent pollution.
Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and legal requirements and apply responsible standards where laws, regulations and legal requirements do not exist.
Are well trained to respond quickly, effectively and with care to any environmental incidents that may occur from our operations, in co-operation with industry organizations and authorized governmental agencies.
Provide funds and adequate human resources as necessary in order to effectively maintain and repair the systems, equipment and components in the machinery spaces of our vessels and discourage our employees from minimizing the related operational costs and thereby sacrificing environmental compliance.
Stress to all our employees, contractors and others working on our behalf that they are responsible and accountable to respect and protect the environment, whilst involved in our operations.
Review and assess each of the areas of our operations, measure progress and compliance with this policy and evaluate practices from industry leaders in order to continually revise and improve our environmental management system.

This policy shall be displayed in Company's offices. The vessel shall display this policy on the Bridge, in the Engine Control Room, and officer's and crew mess room.